10 Must-Have Delicacies To Savor During Kangra Trip In Himachal Pradesh

The breath-taking and enigmatic snow-clad mountains, mesmerizing lush green valleys, the melodious rhythm of waterfalls with imagined visualization of enchanting serenity engulfing the surroundings-all these nuances of the hilly landscape in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh leave you yearning for more! And that makes you embark on a romantic, adventurous vacation on the hills completely soaking yourself in the luscious scenery of Kanga in Himachal Pradesh seeking the service of the Best Outstation Taxi in Kangra for the wholesome, fulfilling experience of Kangra trip. Apart from exotic locales, no less alluring is the aroma and flavor of the local delicacies of Kangra! A must-try out for all you foodies in a haven for delectable items!


Delicacies to look out for in Kangra trip made easy & enjoyable under the assistance of Best Outstation Taxi in Kangra:


1. Tudkiya Bhath-Turkiya Bhath, an authentic delicacy of Himachal Pradesh, is pahadi-style pulao to savor during special occasions and festivals, with the most authentic restaurants serving this gastronomic delight. Made with the goodness of rice, lentils, potatoes, and yogurt along with onion, tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, and cardamom, Tudkiya Bhath tastes heavenly when served with mashed dal & few drops of lime juice.


2. Siddu-This super amazing delight is prepared with wheat flour and is served with mutton delicacy and veggies, looking similar to litti or batti. The wheat flour is kept for 4-5 hours before, the dough is cooked and later steamed. Be ready to make a Kangra trip with help of the best Outstation Taxi in Kangra, and get a taste of this delicious item!


3. Palda-Popularly known as Pahari Aloo, Palda is creamy potato sabzi simmered in yogurt with the unique combination of a little bit of sweet and sour taste. It’s the common delicacy of Himachal Pradesh made often by locals with a dash of vegetables in it.


4. Meethe Chawal/Meetha-This dessert dish is a delightful concoction of sweetened rice, dry fruits, Kesar, and raisins. Touted as a traditional sweet dish of Himachal Pradesh, it’s prepared for festivals and special occasions. Never ever miss the chance of tasting this delectable item during the Kangra trip riding in the Best Outstation Taxi in Kangra!


5. Kullu Trout Fish-Kullu Trout Fish is one of the healthiest dishes of Himachal Pradesh, where marinated fish is cooked with minimal raw spices keeping nutrients intact. It’s best served with steamed rice and boiled veggies.


6. Khatte Chane-This most popular dish forms an integral part of traditional thali called Dham. It’s made with black chickpea, gram flour, spices & jaggery, also known as “Channe ka Khatta” or “Khatta”. This recipe has a sweet-n-sour taste with the strong flavor of mustard oil, generally eaten with rice.


7. Himachali Dhaam-This traditional thali is a mix of dishes like dal, rajma, rice, curd, boor ki Kadi with jaggery. Make a Kangra trip to savor these heavenly delights with the Best Outstation Taxi in Kangra!


8. Bhey/Spicy Lotus Stems-This mouth-watering delight is prepared with sliced lotus stems, cooked with ginger-garlic, onions, and gram flour.


9. Aktori-Made with buckwheat leaves and wheat flour, Aktori is a pancake served with pickle & spicy red chili chutney, specially prepared during festivals.


10. Chha Gosht-Made with the goodness of marinated lamb cooked in gram flour gravy and yogurt, this authentic gastronomic delight is the perfect amalgamation of cardamon, red chili powder, coriander powder, bay leaf, asafoetida & ginger-garlic paste. To satiate taste buds, a Kangra trip is mandatory under the guidance of Best Outstation Taxi in Kangra!


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